Game Categories (Lite)

Game Categories (Lite)

This page will cover setting up and configuring the plugin Game Categories Lite.

A great quality of life plugin that will create custom categories for your PSP Games, homebrew, PSX Games, or anything else installed in the ISO or GAME directory. It will also improve loading times if you have a larger memory stick.


Game Categories Lite v1.7-js1

Adding The Plugin To The PSP

If you do not have a “seplugins” folder, create a new folder on the root of the memory stick.

1. Create a folder in /seplugins/ named categorieslite and add category_lite.prx to the /seplugins/categorieslite/ folder.

2. Open VSH.txt and add a new line to include the plugin. It is best to have this plugin as the first line if you have multiple.

PSP 1000, 2000, 3000: ms0:/seplugins/categorieslite/category_lite.prx 1
PSP Go: ef0:/seplugins/categorieslite/category_lite.prx 1

3. Save the changes made to VSH.txt and reset the VSH from the recovery menu.

4. Go into System Settings on the PSP and you will notice new options listed:

Category Mode:
– Multi MS (Multiple folders listed instead of a memory stick on the XMB)
– Contextual menu (Storage listed, select to view list of custom categories)
– Folders (Storage listed, select to load list of custom folders)
Category Prefix:
– None (No prefix required. Name folders how you like)
– Use CAT prefix (Folders must have “CAT_” to be listed on the XMB)
Show Uncategorized:
– No (Will not show content that is not in a custom folder in /GAME/ or /ISO)
– Only Memory Stick (Will only show content on the memory stick that isn’t in a folder)
– Only Internal Storage (Will only show content on the internal memory that isn’t in a folder)
– Both (Will show all content in an uncategorized folder that is not in a folder)
Sort Categories:
– No
– Yes (Allows sorting categories using numbers in the folder names. eg. CAT_01PSP, or 01Homebrew) Note: Enabling this and not using the numbering system will cut off the first 2 characters of the folder name in the XMB.

Customizing Folders

With the plugin added, you can now create new folders in /PSP/GAME/ and /ISO/ to sort your content on your memory card. Folders can start with “CAT_” or just be named without a prefix.

An example of folders with the prefix:

– CAT_Homebrew
– CAT_Emulators
– CAT_Utility

– CAT_Action
– CAT_Racing

Note: You can only have a maximum of 8 category folders (including uncategorized folder if enabled). Category folders must not exceed 30 characters.

Blacklist Filter

If you want to hide certain content like DLC from being listed you can create a filter.

1. Create a new text file in /seplugins/ named gclite_filter.txt.
2. Each line will have a folder you wish to exclude from being listed.
3. Add an empty new line under the last line. Save your changes.


The file includes a folder named translations. Copy the language you want to use into the /seplugins/ folder and make sure the PSP is using that same language in System Settings.

Eg. /seplugins/category_lite_es.txt

Change system language to Spanish to see changes.


  • If using a PSP Go with this plugin, you must reset VSH after every change made in System Settings to view changes.
  • If using ME or LME firmware, categories do not merge if you use the same folder in /PSP/GAME/ and /ISO/.
  • Changing the Category Mode in System Settings does change how fast the folders and its contents load.