Convert PSX Games To PSP Format

Convert PSX Games To PSP Format

PSP has native support for most PSX titles so if you want to convert your original PSX games to play on the PSP it’s a very simple process using PSX2PSP. Playing these converted titles requires custom firmware. Depending on the game you may need to use the CDDA enabler or POPSLoader plugin.



1. You first need to copy the contents of your PSX disc to your computer in .Bin/.Cue or .ISO format. If you are not sure how to backup/rip games to digital format you can follow this video. Note that you only need to follow that video up to 4:20. The rest is burning it to a blank CD.

2. Once you have your backup game in .Bin/.Cue or .ISO format you can open PSX2PSP. The main window will show a preview of what you will see on your PSP when you select your game.

3. Open the Convert menu and click the first drop down box. Select ISO/PBP File 1 and then choose the location of your backup PSX game. The rest of the text fields should populate with information about the game selected. Then choose an output location on the next line, this is where your EBOOT.PBP will be stored after the conversion.


ISO/PBP file is selected and the rest of the form populates. A custom Icon image is added.

4. If you want to make the game look nice on your PSP you can open Customize PBP and add custom images. If you want custom music when hovering over the game you can follow this guide.

Preview of what the PS1 game will look like on the PSP

5. Once finished customizing text and images you can click Convert in the Convert menu. Once the process is complete, you will have a folder named after the game title ID (eg. SLUS0001) and inside is the EBOOT.PBP. Move both the folder and the containing eboot onto your PSP memory card GAME folder. Disconnect from USB Mode and you will see your game listed.

Additional Steps and Information

Below is additional information to help with compatibility. Not all games run great, and some don’t run at all but overall the ability to play many PS1 titles on the PSP is a great feature. 

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